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TRA.SMA S.p.A. is a leader on the Italian and European market in the production of copper wires, single, multi and bunched, bare and tinned wires for cable manufacturers.

TRA.SMA is a Private Company established in 1994, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, today has a production capacity of 2,000 tons per month .

The premises are located in the industrial area of Moncalieri near Turin. The plant size is over 30,000 sqm,  14,000 of which are indoors. The Headquarters, Administrative and Sales Departments are located in the same building.

Thanks to the industrial commitment of its members, TRA.SMA enjoys state of the art production plants and control tools granting high and lasting quality standards, in total respect of the environment. Furthermore, in the few years, our company has been operating in order to meet its needs of energy and heating supply.
TRA.SMA invests in the cogeneration of electrical and thermal energy for its production process. This strategic approach has resulted in energy efficiency and eco sustainability.
TRA.SMA is the perfect partner since customers can be offered quality products, flexibility and competitiveness.